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Bluehour アムステルダムの風車のように回る cover art




A new single from Bluehour called "Amsterdam no Fusha no yo ni Mawaru" was released on 20 October.


I helped a bit with the recording of this, but that's not the only reason I want you to listen to it. I mainly just think it's really good.


You can set your own price when you buy it, meaning you can even have it for free if you like. So, despite the fact that you've donated all your money to Trump already, you can still get it.

レーベルのDewfall Recordsのプレスリリースによると、

『The Winter』に収録予定でアウトテイクとなっていた楽曲「アムステルダムの風車のように回る」。新たにミックスされ2つのヴァージョンでのシングル・リリース。

Bluehour's label, Dewfall Records, has this to say:

"Amsterdam no Fusha no yo ni Mawaru" is an outtake from the recording sessions for "The Winter". This new single release features two new mixes.


The "two mixes" mentioned above are a simple acoustic mix and a full band mix. I felt a little disappointed when this song didn't make the album, so I'm glad it's out at last. (The title translates as, "Spin Like the Windmills of Amsterdam".)