Short stories

"Whilst This Machine Is to Him"

"Gardener of Human Happiness"

"Á sjálf sig þau trûðu"

—Three flash fiction pieces, After Dinner Conversation, out March 2020

"A Swim in the Glaire" – Rue Scribe, 29 December 2020

"The Martyr's Palm" – Rue Scribe, 27 December 2020

"My Memoirs Won't Mention Me" – Sonder Midwest, 15 November 2019

Novels &c.

Melancholic Parables – A collection of what might be flash fiction. To be released someday.

Mæj – A contemplative fantasy novel. To be released someday. Less close to being released than Melancholic Parables.

Getback cover image
Guess who designed this cover himself

Getback – A novel about things like drug addiction. Independently released in 2015.


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